Annual Farmers & Friends Meeting

Annual mtg group discussion

Every year Cultivate Kansas City hosts the Annual Farmers & Friends Meeting, a gathering that brings together our city’s farming and food dreamers and doers. We share knowledge, we start conversations, we introduce the community’s leaders to those who are just getting started, we dream about what a healthy food system for Kansas City could look like, and then we venture out to make it happen. The event features:

  • Workshops lead by local experts
  • Opportunities to connect with your local growing community
  • Dreamers & Doers session and activity
  • Two potlucks meals! Homemade pie for breakfast and a hearty lunch

The event is free and open to all Kansas City area farmers, growers and friends. We look forward to seeing you on February 4, 2016!

Check back for more 2016 details.

2015 Agenda
2015 Breakout session descriptions



I’ve never been to an annual meeting, what should I expect? You’ll feel at home in a room packed with friendly folks who are passionate and knowledgeable about growing and eating good, healthy food in our city. We all want to connect, support, and grow together! Last year 240 people attended the annual meeting.

I’m not a farmer, but I want to be involved; can I come? Absolutely! Food Democracy is all about each one of us taking an active role in creating a sustainable and just food system. We need all kinds of people and skills, not just farmers!

The meeting starts at 9 am, what time should I get there? The meeting will start promptly at 9 am, so plan to arrive before 8:30 am to park, check in, enjoy coffee and pie, find a seat and get settled in. Doors will open at 8 am, so you are welcome any time after then.

Do I have to stay all day? No. We know how busy everyone is, which is why we have previously kept the meeting to just three hours. Some people want more opportunity to learn, connect and grow so we’ve extended the meeting for those who just can’t get enough! Please join as you are able.

Can I make an announcement about a project/event I am involved with? Yes! We will have a few minutes for attendees to stand up and make an announcement about relevant events or projects to the whole audience. Please come early to sign up for one of the limited announcement slots.

What should I bring for the potluck? Since we’re all about local food, please bring a homemade dish, preferably using some sort of local ingredients. Please bring one of the following dishes, according to your last name: A-F: Pie/Breakfast/Dessert, G-M: Side Dish, N-T: Main dish, U-Z: Beverage (we’ll provide coffee and tea) or Snack/Appetizer

Questions? Email info[at]!


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