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  • 1. Karen Fresh

    1. Karen Fresh

    Lay Htoo
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    5626 Farrow Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66104

    Lay Htoo was one of the first four graduates of the New Roots for Refugees program, growing vegetables, flowers and herbs on one-half acre at the home she purchased in Kansas City, KS. In her home country of Burma, Lay Htoo was a farmer. She is happy to have used her skills to make a new life for herself and her family in Kansas City. She grows a wide variety of crops, including those familiar to U.S. customers, as well as unique vegetables from Burma. In addition to selling at the Overland Park Farmers Market, Lay Htoo sells to her Burmese community and to her neighbors who drop by to see what is growing! New in 2015 will be a recently installed high tunnel, fruit trees, and strawberries!

    Explore: Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Burmese vegetables, Fruit, High Tunnel

  • 2. Ki Ko Ko Farm

    2. Ki Ko Ko Farm

    Beh Paw Gaw and Pay Lay
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    4900 Yecker Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66104

    Ki Ko Ko means two sisters in Burmese, and this beautiful farm is run by two sisters, Beh Paw Gaw and Pay Lay, who graduated from the New Roots for Refugees program in 2012. On two and one-half acres nestled into a neighborhood of Kansas City, KS, they grow a unique selection of produce, some from their home country and some native to the United States. Since the last tour, they’ve added a new high tunnel, fruit trees, including peaches, apples, bananas and papayas. They’ve even added mushroom logs!

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Compost system, Burmese vegetables, High tunnel

  • 3. Never Done Gardens

    3. Never Done Gardens

    Karlean Kramer
    Urban Homestead
    256 N 32nd Street, Kansas City, KS 66102

    A visible corner in Karlean’s neighborhood was overgrown and being used as a dumping site. She saw an opportunity and ran with it, acquiring the lot and planting raised vegetable beds, flower gardens, fruit trees, and berry bushes. Over the past 8 years, she
    has transformed the lot from an eyesore to a point of pride — engaging school children, feeding her family and neighbors, and providing a habitat for bees, butterflies, bugs, and small critters!

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Compost system

    Activities: Children’s activities

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Art projects and kids leading tours

  • 4. Quindaro Gardens Mutual Aid Society

    4. Quindaro Gardens Mutual Aid Society

    Paul Grahovac
    Community Garden, Urban Homestead, Charitable Garden
    3027 N 11th Street, Kansas City, KS 66104
    grahovac8@gmail.com; lynnlsnyder@yahoo.com

    Quindaro Gardens Mutual Aid Society is all about showing what a group of people working on a common project can accomplish. On five vacant lots in the inner city of Kansas City, Kan., Paul Grahovac and his family are working with neighbors to grow hundreds of pounds of vegetables, feeding themselves and their neighbors. Unlike a typical community garden, Quindaro Gardens doesn’t have individual plots, so the energy of many people working together is focused on one large operation, with resulting economies of scale. The group hopes its efforts will attract people to the neighborhood’s low-cost, high-value housing and enjoy the benefits of living in an urban farmstead neighborhood with a large urban farm already established as an anchor.

    Explore: Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Drip irrigation, Monarch butterfly garden

    Activities: Music, Cooking demonstrations

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 11am to 1pm -| Music by Benjamin T Warner and Michael Turnbo - Folk/Jazz/Classical - Ben and Mike are a classical guitar and violin duo. They make easy songs tough and tough songs easy.
    Sunday Noon to 2 pm | K.C. Compton and the Folk Song Army - Eclectic music of the kind people like to sing and play together. Join in!
    Saturday and Sunday | Solar cooking demonstrations by Bill Price. Bill is an expert with many styles of solar cookers, all of which catch the heat of the sun to cook, from frying bacon and eggs to baking cookies to roasting meat.
    Saturday and Sunday | Kids picking from the gardens

  • 5. New Roots for Refugees at Juniper Gardens Training Farm

    5. New Roots for Refugees at Juniper Gardens Training Farm

    Meredith Walrafen, Alicia Ellingsworth
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    100 Richmond Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101
    mwalrafen@catholiccharitiesks.org, alicia@cultivatekc.org
    913-909-1027, 913-602-1181

    Juniper Gardens Training Farm is the home of the New Roots for Refugees program operated by Catholic Charities of NE Kansas and Cultivate Kansas City. The program provides land and technical farmer training to refugee families. On 9 acres of land, 16 New Roots farmers grow vegetables, herbs and flowers, sell at markets, and operate their own CSAs as they work toward owning their own independent farm businesses after graduation in four years. This year some farmers will begin to scale-up and grow for wholesale markets. Look for New Roots farmers at 15 different farmers' markets around town to taste the fresh flavors of urban-grown produce, including many unusual crops from their home countries.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Bees, Compost system, Vegetables from around the world

    Activities: Scavenger hunt, Children’s activities, Product for sale

  • 6. Northrup Park Community Garden

    6. Northrup Park Community Garden

    Andrea Mathew
    Community Garden
    939 Barnett Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101

    Managed by Kansas City Community Gardens, Northrup Park Community Garden— located on Parks and Recreation land—reflects the diversity of the surrounding community. This is a place where people of different backgrounds come to grow a range of foods and to showcase an array of food cultures from around the world. Community gardeners often share extra produce with other gardeners and surrounding neighbors. With 20 raised beds and 24 ground plots, Northrup Park Community Garden is one of the largest rental plot community gardens in Kansas City, KS.

    Explore: Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Compost system

    Activities: Food demonstrations, Children’s activities, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 10-11 am | Cooking with Summer’s Bounty: Learn how to prepare fresh, beautiful produce harvested from the summer garden with Sharon Goldstein, Kansas City Community Gardens.
    Saturday 3-4 pm | Bug Walk: Learn to identify the bad (and good) bugs as we walk through the garden together with Ben Sharda, Executive Director of Kansas City Community Gardens.
    Saturday and Sunday | Basil seedling transplanting for children, free seed packet for all visitors

  • 7. Splitlog Farm

    7. Splitlog Farm

    Steven Curtis
    Community Garden
    1045 Splitlog Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102

    Splitlog Farm was built by Community Housing of Wyandotte County on three vacant lots next to an elementary school. Growing heirloom vegetables, curiosity crops like soybean and cotton, flowers, fruit, and a native plant rain garden, this farm is a true community engagement tool. Alongside CHWC staff, volunteers — mostly kids 7 to 17 years old — put in 1,280 volunteer hours last summer transforming this space to a beautiful, productive, safe and educational gathering place for the community. Splitlog Farm also serves as a learning center for the nearby M.E. Pearson Elementary School students, providing weekly classes for 1st and 2nd grades throughout the spring.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Terraced beds, Community engagement

    Activities: Children’s activities, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Container Gardens with Steven Curtis, Community Housing of Wyandotte County

  • 8. Garden of Peace

    8. Garden of Peace

    Aye Nu
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    216 S Bethany Street, Kansas City, KS 66102

    Aye Aye is a graduate of the New Roots for Refugees training farm. In 2014, she started her own three-quarter acre farm, Garden of Peace. Before moving to the United States, she grew vegetables in her home country of Burma. Now she grows a wide variety of vegetables from her culture, as well as crops that are more familiar to Kansas Citians. Along with vegetables and herbs, Garden of Peace grows flowers to help make the neighborhood beautiful. Aye Aye is proud to run her own business and is excited to show her farm to Kansas City!

    Explore: Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables from Burma

  • 9. Cross-Lines Garden

    9. Cross-Lines Garden

    Matt O’Malley
    Charitable Garden
    628 S Pyle Street, Kansas City, KS 66105

    Since 2007, on just one-quarter of an acre, the Cross-Lines Garden has grown well over 30,000 pounds of vegetables, fruit and herbs to feed Wyandotte County residents in need. The produce is either distributed for free to recipients of its food pantry or used directly in meals in the Community Annex Kitchen, which serves free breakfast and lunch to hundreds of individuals five days a week. Most of those who benefit from the Cross-Lines garden would not otherwise be able to afford fresh produce for their families, and many enjoy helping to grow the produce as well!

    Explore: Social service garden, Compost, Drip irrigation, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

    Activities: Music

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 10 am - 12 pm | Music by Lunadaz

  • 10. St. John Gardens

    10. St. John Gardens

    Rebecca Koop
    Community Garden
    3920 St John Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64123

    St. John Gardens was created in 2006 when Rebecca Koop purchased abandoned lots next to her pottery studio from the land trust. A small group of neighbors began with a few garden beds. Over the last 8 years, the garden has developed into 38 raised beds, three rain gardens, a fish pond, an orchard, and a community entertainment and cookout space. Many of the one dozen gardeners are artists, which is evident in the colorful creativity throughout the site.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Fish, Native plants, Rain gardens, Creative recycling of materials, Water catchment, Scarecrow and sculpture art

  • 11. Pink Pony Farms

    11. Pink Pony Farms

    J.W. Helkenberg & Ms. Jessica Logsdon
    1009 Chestnut Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64127

    In 2006, Jeff and Jessica purchased their first vacant lot in Historic Northeast Kansas City, MO and rallied volunteers who assisted in maintaining a large plot that included tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, blackberries, sage, rosemary, tobacco and amaranth. As they worked the soil, these artists began to realize that they were falling in love with the process of growing food. They considered the possibility of acquiring enough land to produce a significant amount of food for their community. Pink Pony Farms was then conceived as a project aimed at cultivating sustainable, high density food forests within the KCMO urban core. They have now purchased more than 10 vacant lots located near schools with the goal of providing direct exposure to farming practices for area families, many of whom rarely get opportunities to enjoy nature. Come experience art and permaculture as you've never seen it before!

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Mushrooms, Bees, Chickens, Hydroponics, Compost system, Permaculture, Native plants, Water catchment

    Activities: Music, Children's activities, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Live painting and music, participating artists include: Noshaba Bakht, Cortney Daniel, Victoria Strong, Sara Dell, Ken Mountain, Chrystal Wentling, Christina Gandy and many more!
    Saturday and Sunday, continuous | Essential oil extraction using steam distillation with Jeff Helkenberg

  • 12. The Deadly Nightshade Urban Farm

    12. The Deadly Nightshade Urban Farm

    Christine Shuck
    Urban Homestead
    3225 E 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64127

    The Deadly Nightshade Urban Garden consists of five city lots in the heart of Old Northeast Kansas City and is cultivated by Christine and Dave Shuck, who recently transplanted from the suburbs. They believe that through education and by closing the gap between planting a seed, harvesting, cooking and storing a plant, we can make gardening accessible to more people. This urban garden includes permanent herb beds, an orchard in the making, laying hens, and a large food garden. Christine teaches over 50 different classes on herb gardening, cooking, and self-sufficiency at local libraries throughout the Metro area, Powell Gardens, and on-site at her urban homestead.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Chickens, Compost system, Permaculture, Native plants, Lasagna gardening

    Activities: Children's activities, Workshop, Product for sale

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 2 - 2:30 pm | Kefir This: How to ferment milk kefir including recipes
    Saturday and Sunday | Face painting

  • 13. Cherith Brook Catholic Worker

    13. Cherith Brook Catholic Worker

    Charitable Garden
    3308 E 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64127

    The community and volunteers at Cherith Brook Catholic Worker have built an awe-inspiring garden that spans the front yard and makes use of every cultivable space around their houses. This intentional community’s mission is community, hospitality, simple living and nonviolence. All the food they grow goes exclusively to feed their community, the homeless and their neighbors. Dorothy Day, the co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement, often said, “The World will be saved by beauty.” The Cherith Brook homestead is a source of beauty and a place for those who do not have a place to be.

    Explore: Water catchment, Solar energy, Fruit trees, Native plants, Chickens, Bees, Compost, Green roof, Permaculture, Intentional community living, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

    Activities: Music, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 1 pm | Music by Jake Pullen
    Saturday 10 am and 12 pm, Sunday 12 pm | Stewarding Fruit Trees 101 with Matt Bunch, Giving Grove

  • 14. Urban Farming Guys

    14. Urban Farming Guys

    Jason Fields
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    1121 Myrtle Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64127

    The Urban Farming Guys’ mission is to establish sustainable communities in the most difficult and overlooked places on earth. Beginning with local food and water security, alternative energy, and local economic resilience, this group is creating and implementing innovative, accessible, low-tech, reproducible solutions for self-sustaining communities. In Kansas City’s Lykins Neighborhood, you’ll see their greenhouse aquaponics operation, beehives, 3,000 gallon water catchment, huge 25-killowat solar array, 150+ raised-bed gardens, and thriving community garden. These projects build a sense of community, engage youth in after-school art and garden programs, and create jobs and internships for neighborhood residents. If you saw this site 2 years ago, it is worth another visit — they’ve tripled in size and have diversified in many ways!

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Fish, Chickens, Worm farm, Bees, Aquaponics, Compost system, Permaculture, Water, Drip irrigation, Swales, Community engagement, Solar power

    Activities: Produce for Sale

  • 15. Niles Garden

    15. Niles Garden

    Marty Kraft
    School/Educational Garden
    1911 E 23rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64127

    At Niles Home for Children, Marty Kraft and his students tend a one-quarter acre garden that bursts with life — vegetables, grapes and berries, a pond, an orchard, a hoop house, and a gourd room fill the grounds. A second site, one block up the hill, is turning another one-third of an acre into vegetable beds, a new orchard, and a grape vineyard using biochar as a soil amendment and a global warming mitigation technique. In this food desert, Marty teaches students and neighbors about gardening and nutrition so they can begin to grow their own food and make healthier food choices. Every Tuesday throughout the summer the students set up a roadside stand to sell their produce! Stop by to be inspired.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, Compost system, Native plants, Hoop house, No-till, Pond, Drip irrigation, Biochar

  • 16. Crown Garden

    16. Crown Garden

    Danell Collins
    Community Garden
    2502 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
    dolive2@hallmark.com; robyngillattaway@gmail.com

    Through a unique partnership between Hallmark and Ronald McDonald House, Crown Garden produces fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the children and families who are guests at Ronald McDonald House. The food grown delights the children as they pick and eat directly off the vine or tree, and the garden fresh flavors enhance the meals served at the house! This aesthetically pleasing and highly productive garden features benches and shaded trellised areas to provide a place of peace for all to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature!

    Explore: Fruit, Compost system, Business/Nonprofit partnerships, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

  • 17. St. Paul Presbyterian Church Community Garden

    17. St. Paul Presbyterian Church Community Garden

    Toni Gatlin
    Community Garden
    2910 Victor Street, Kansas City, MO 64128

    On the grounds of St. Paul Presbyterian Church, a registered historic site in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Kansas City, MO, this community garden offers access to locally grown produce and a spot for neighbors to gather. A neighborhood preschool program uses the garden for its young students to plant and harvest vegetables and fruits. The harvest is given to the childcare facility to prepare for the children, as well as to the D A Holmes Senior Apartment residents. All neighbors are welcome to the site to plant and harvest, to share information on gardening, to relax in the beauty of nature, and to enjoy jazz and gospel programs presented at the garden.

    Explore: Vegetable, Fruit, Water catchment, Community engagement

  • 18. Benton Community Garden

    18. Benton Community Garden

    Toni Gatlin
    Community Garden
    3145 Benton Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64128

    The Benton Community Garden is constantly evolving and transforming the landscape at a corner in the Santa Fe Neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo. Through partnerships with Lincoln University Extension, the University of Missouri Extension, Missouri Conservation and others, the garden has integrated a wide variety of distinct native plants and trees, as well as establishing a butterfly garden. The corner has become a gathering place for school children, families, and seniors alike to share gardening tips and learn about horticulture and urban ecology systems. This beautiful corner is a source of community pride.

    Explore: Handicap accessible garden beds, Native plants, Fruit trees, Rain garden, Compost, Water catchment structure and underground cistern (2,500 gallon), Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

    Activities: Music, Children’s activities

  • 19. The Magic Garden

    19. The Magic Garden

    Glenn Stewart
    Edible Landscape
    200 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64111

    In the heart of Midtown Kansas City, Mo., surrounding the Westport Post Office, The Magic Garden engages people who live in the area, as well as those who drop in to do business. This garden “magic” is found in the interweaving of herbs, native plants, art, bird feeders, and a birdbath in an unexpected place. Neighbors and customers can gather fresh herbs from beds on Post Office grounds to enhance their culinary creations. Kids love to feed the doves and pick the sunflowers. It is amazing to see the folks who are in a hurry stop for a moment to enjoy the edible greenery, springing with life between the cement and road. Lots of butterflies, too!

    Explore: Installed Art, Flowers, Herbs, Native plants

    Activities: Music, Children's activities

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 9:30-12:30 | Chalk Walk
    Saturday and Sunday | Bird feeder filling, bubbles, chalk art

  • 20. Conception Community Farm

    20. Conception Community Farm

    Bobby Wright
    Community Garden
    2701 E 43rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64130

    For the past 5 years, a dedicated community has been transforming more than one-half of a city block into an urban farm and community garden, providing access to fresh fruit

    and vegetables for their neighbors. They broke through concrete to convert an abandoned parking lot into a community garden. They dug out the asphalt and brought in organic matter to restore the health of the soil. The parking lot garden is almost a one-quarter of an acre and has 40 plots managed by eight neighborhood families. Beyond the converted parking lot, they have a community orchard with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and 26 fruit trees. Explore the different ways this crew is building garden beds affordably with recycled local resources, such as tires, IBC totes and concrete. Learn firsthand from a group that takes the community part of community gardening very seriously.

    Explore: Fruit, Chickens, Compost, Water catchment, Community building, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

    Activities: Children’s activities, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 1-2 pm | Water! (collection, conservation, distribution) with Bobby Wright of Kansas City Community Gardens, Get Growing KC and Conception Community Farm
    Sunday 1-2 pm | Insects in the Garden (basic pest management) with Bobby Wright of Kansas City Community Gardens, Get Growing KC and Conception Community Farm
    Saturday and Sunday | Bug Prison: Kids will receive prizes for every bad bug they catch and bring to our buggy prison
    Saturday and Sunday | Petting Zoo with sheep and goats

  • 21. URBAVORE Urban Farm

    21. URBAVORE Urban Farm

    Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer

    Urban Farm (farm business)
    5500 Bennington Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64129

    URBAVORE is one of the nation’s largest, most diversified urban farmsteads, featuring no-till production practices on 13.5 acres of land. Using “beyond-organic” growing techniques, farmers Brooke and Dan produce 3 acres of vegetables and 5 acres of orchards and specialty fruits. A flock of 200 laying hens, a city-wide composting program, and a passive-solar earth-berm home are just a few highlights of their ever- evolving urban farmstead on KC’s east side.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Chickens, Compost system, Green building, Green roof, Permaculture, Native plants, Orchards, No-till soil building, No irrigation, Off-Grid Water System & Gray/Black Water Recycling

    Activities: Children’s activity, Music, Food truck

    Activity schedule:
    Saturday 10 am - 2 pm | Music by Martha Haehl, Karen Hendricks, Mike Walker and friends
    Saturday and Sunday | Art projects

  • 22. Border Star Garden

    22. Border Star Garden

    Amanda Sanders
    School/Educational Garden
    6321 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64113

    With its prominent location at 63rd Street and Wornall Road in Brookside, the Border Star Garden is a gathering place for school families and community members alike. The schoolyard garden is composed of 27 raised beds on a blacktop surface. The Border Star PTA and parent volunteers organize and manage the garden throughout the summer. During the spring, summer, and autumn, the garden is a place for students to learn about gardening and to harvest and eat veggies. It also provides an environment for teaching environmental concepts. Additionally, the garden is located immediately adjacent to the Brookside Farmers’ Market, offering a gathering space for shoppers, farmers, and families.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Compost system, Native plants, School garden curriculum

    Activities: Music, Children’s activity, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 11 am - 2 pm, 20 minute workshops | Running a Schoolyard Garden with Molly Gosnell
    Sunday | Music by Lauren Bradshaw
    Saturday and Sunday | Kids leading tours for kids

  • 23. Kansas City Academy School Garden

    23. Kansas City Academy School Garden

    Kathy Baldwin-Heitman
    School/Educational Garden
    7933 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64114

    This charming yet utilitarian urban garden is nestled in the heart of Waldo, located in the parking lot of Kansas City Academy — an independent K–12 school whose students enjoy its bounty in the form of farm-to-table lunches prepared fresh daily by a professional chef. In addition to the benefits provided to the school community, KCA's garden provides an attractive green space for the neighborhood. The garden is maintained by staff all summer, and excess bounty is distributed within the community, either through CSA or locally owned restaurants.

    Explore: Greenhouse, Water catchment, Vegetables, Herbs, Compost system

    Activities: Children’s activities

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Kids craft projects

  • 24. Gillis Growth Grove

    24. Gillis Growth Grove

    Theo Bunch
    School/Educational Garden
    8150 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114

    The Gillis Growth Grove is an outdoor learning site built and run by the youth of Gillis Center, a day-treatment facility and children’s home for troubled youth. This farm and garden provide a therapeutic space for the youth, helping them learn and explore the earth sciences with a series of interactive learning stations. Gillis Growth Grove is also a vocational program for the students to operate the farm site with the help of volunteers and staff. They learn how to keep track of produce, build structures, landscape, and of course grow the food that then goes to their families or to the campus cafeteria. The Growth Grove serves all 120 of the youth that use their facility in some way.

    Explore: Educational curriculum, Native plants, Solar energy, Wind turbine, Garden therapy, Meteorology station, Natural playground, Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Green building

    Activities: Children’s Activities, Workshop, Product for sale

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Kids leading tours for kids

  • 25. City Bitty Farm

    25. City Bitty Farm

    Greg Garbos
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    9615 Grandview Road, Kansas City, MO 64137

    If you enjoy fine dining, you’ve likely tasted the highly nutritious microgreens from City Bitty Farm. Focused on “all things small,” City Bitty specializes in growing microgreens, edible flowers, and garden vegetables year-round for area restaurants. As engineers, Jen and Greg Garbos are well-equipped to use City Bitty as a testing ground for new tools, equipment, and farming methods. The farm features a state-of-the-art greenhouse with rainwater capture, automated ventilation, movable benches, and a benchtop radiant heating system. Their growing innovations are sure to rub off on you.

    Explore: Microgreens, Vegetables, Water catchment, High tunnels, Turtles

    Activities: Workshop, Produce for sale

  • 26. BROADMOOR Urban Farm

    26. BROADMOOR Urban Farm

    Bob Brassard
    Urban Farm (farm business), School/Educational Garden
    6701 W 83rd Street, Shawnee Mission, KS 66204

    Broadmoor Urban Farm is dedicated to showcasing sustainable agriculture from seed to plate as part of the education for the Shawnee Mission students at the ACF Certified Broadmoor programs in culinary arts and commercial baking. Throughout the school year (and the summer) these future chefs get their hands dirty farming on one-quarter acre at the school. The harvest goes into the kitchen where students cook, pickle, and preserve the food they’ve grown. Waste from the kitchen feeds a compost pile out back that then returns nutrients to the soil — talk about a closed loop! Broadmoor Urban Farm is a model example of public education within our community that teaches about sustainable food systems through hands-on learning. Their products are available to the community at the Overland Park Farmers’ Market and at the Broadmoor Technical Center.

    Explore: Vegetables, Herbs, Compost system, Drip irrigation

    Activities: Cooking demonstrations, Workshop, Children's activities, Product for sale

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 10 am - 1 pm | American Culinary Federation chefs and Broadmoor students host cooking demonstrations with free samples
    Saturday and Sunday | Whole Foods’ Whole Kids Foundation stickers and seed packet giveaway

  • 27. Wild Willow Gardens

    27. Wild Willow Gardens

    Larry and Sherri Thomas
    Urban Homestead
    7640 Eby Lane, Overland Park, KS 66204
    Contact us at tastyyards.com

    Larry and Sherri Thomas love sharing their passion for growing organic food throughout all four seasons. A great example of growing “food not lawns” and beautifully demonstrating edible landscaping, they raise bees, grow veggies, fruits, friendships, and community in the heart of an Overland Park neighborhood. A large greenhouse made from new and repurposed materials is surrounded by raised, no-till beds. Whether hosting a gardening class in the greenhouse, showing a documentary movie on the garage, or sharing produce with the neighbors, the garden cultivates healthy and strong relationships. It’s a hangout for family, friends, and neighbor kids who come to grow and graze on the latest harvests.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Bees, Edible landscaping, Backyard greenhouse, Hoop house system, Children’s garden.

    Activities: Workshop, Children’s activities

    Activity schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Beekeeping demonstration
    Saturday and Sunday | Suburban edible landscaping workshop
    Saturday and Sunday | 100 square foot garden display
    Saturday and Sunday | Lemonade stand

  • 28. Natural Grown Farm - WITHDRAWN FROM TOUR

    28. Natural Grown Farm - WITHDRAWN FROM TOUR

    Warren Messinger
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    6131 Long Avenue, Shawnee, KS, 66216

    Warren’s site has become a staple on the Urban Grown Tour. His two spacious lots across the street from one another exhibit well-planned 4,000-gallon water collection systems and numerous vegetables grown in 25 concrete or wood framed raised beds. Warren is always experimenting with new growing systems, so a visit to Natural Grown Farm will surely give visitors new ideas on self-watering systems and other innovative gardening ideas!

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, Compost system, Rainwater catchment, Self-watering barrels

  • 29. Cultivate KC’s Food Forest

    29. Cultivate KC’s Food Forest

    PJ Quell
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    5425 Mastin Street, Merriam, KS 66203

    In 2011, Cultivate Kansas City’s co-founder, Daniel Dermitzel, received a grant from the Audubon Society to study permaculture. Through extensive research and collaboration with local permaculture experts, this lot is now well on its way to becoming a multi-story perennial food forest. Learn about the benefits of perennial agriculture and imagine a future in which our urban greenspaces and parks produce food year after year. Owners of the lot, PJ Quell and Larry Davis, will showcase their DIY creations at their sustainable suburban homestead including a solar installation, an electric truck, edible landscaping, wood boiler for heating, and more!

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Bees, Chickens, Permaculture, Native plants, solar, DIY homestead projects, Water catchment

    Activities: Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday 1-2 pm | Converting Lawns to Food Forests with Heather Jo Flores, author of Food Not Lawns and Steve Mann with Food Not Lawns Kansas City. Workshop followed by guided tour of Food Forest with Heather and Steve.
    Sunday Noon and 2 pm | Guided tours of the food forest

  • 30. Gibbs Road Farm

    30. Gibbs Road Farm

    Josh Smith
    Urban Farm (farm business)
    4223 Gibbs Road, Kansas City KS 66106

    Cultivate Kansas City’s Gibbs Road Farm grows on two acres and produces more than 25,000 pounds of certified organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs each year. Greenhouses and high tunnels enable year-round production. Produce is sold through CSA, farmers’ markets, and to local restaurants. In addition to serving as a model urban farm business through growing food, the farm grows farmers. Many former apprentices have gone on to start their own farms. The farm grows community through twice-monthly volunteer days, as well as hosting school and corporate volunteer groups and tours.

    Explore: Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs, Bees, Year-round production, Hugelkultur, Drip irrigation

    Activities: Music, Workshop

    Activity Schedule:
    Saturday and Sunday | Music by Good Sam Band


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