Cultivate Kansas City grows food, farms, and community in support of a sustainable and healthy local food system for all.

Niles Garden cabbages


Cultivate Kansas City works to create a democratic, just, and sustainable food system with:

  • Viable farm and food businesses across the food region

  • Local food access for all – especially the most needy

  • Local food integrated into the civic life of the community

And a democratic, just, and sustainable food system where:

  • People take ownership of the local food system, as a whole and in their own lives

  • The environmental and personal health and well-being of KC residents is prioritized

  • The Kansas City food system is resilient and adaptable


Growing and sharing local food nurtures our ability to care for each other and the world in which we live.
We work to create a food system and community relationships that are characterized by:

  • Resiliency and adaptability

  • Diversity

  • Economic viability

  • Curiosity and creativity

  • Collaboration and cooperation

  • Social, economic, and environmental justice

  • Experience-based knowledge that leads to action

  • Transparency


Cultivate Kansas City
300 E. 39th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone (913) 831-2444
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