Non-profit collaboration

More communities and non-profit organizations are stepping forward to provide leadership and structure for their community in support of:

  • Greater access to healthy, locally grown food

  • Home and community-garden based food production

  • Urban farms growing food to feed their community

  • Productive use of empty lots for farms and gardens

  • Increased knowledge about how to grow, cook, and eat locally grown food

We work with community-based organizations and non-profit agencies to help them explore options that will help them meet their community’s needs, build community capacity, and create sustainable and achievable plans to improve the food system for their constituencies.

We can:

  • Visit with staff and voluntary leadership of your organization to talk about growing food, food access, and community and funding resources for food projects

  • Organize a one-hour talk and presentation for you to help you step back and think broadly about what models and strategies are available to you

  • Work with you through a planning process as you develop specific plans and program options

We don’t charge for this process, but ask that, as you develop funding proposals for your food project, you talk with us about writing us in as trainers and consultants.

Our staff has decades of experience as growers (commercial, home and community gardening, and in philanthropic and educational settings) and we bring to the mix decades of experience in non-profit and community-based organizations. We can support you in program development and in the nitty-gritty of:

  • Site Development - this includes site selection, irrigation and other farm infrastructure

  • Crop Production - crop selection, production planning, production techniques, high tunnels, selection of appropriate equipment

  • Input Sourcing - we will suggest suppliers and we coordinate several bulk purchases for some inputs

  • Food Distribution - we can help you sort through how to get food grown in your community into people’s kitchens and onto their plates!

  • Budgeting and cash/in-kind resources - we can help you develop program budgets and identify funders to support your program

In this process, we often partner with or refer you to the other excellent community resources that can help you in your food-growing and food access efforts. Please see our Related Links page for descriptions and contact information for our many community resources.

We want to help you improve the life of your constituents and your community in relationship to the growing and eating of locally grown food! Contact Katherine Kelly, katherine[at] or call us at 913-831-2444.


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