Dig In!

After much discussion, we are sad to formally announce that we will not be hosting a live Dig In! event in 2020. The risks of gathering in person are too high, and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible. The delight of Dig In! is the gathering over delicious local food, of passing platters around the tables, and the unique intimacy of dinner together under the stars at historic City Market. A virtual event cannot replicate that, so we are going to sit tight with the event until next year.

Each year this event raises more than $100,000, providing critical funding for our work. Farmers grow food expressly for us to source for the ingredients; that revenue is important for their businesses.

Our mission of growing food, farms, and communities is more important than ever, and your commitment to growing a resilient food system is vital to our success.

Please consider supporting us to continue our work.

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