Farm Land Linking

Cultivate KC understands that finding affordable, farmable land in the Kansas City area is one of the largest challenges farmers face. On this page you will find resources covering land access, tenure, funding, and more.  Each of the organizations represented offers many more resources than the ones listed here. We encourage individuals to explore all they have to offer. 

Interested in more hands-on assistance? We offer one-on-one technical assistance related to land access. Get started by completing this form or contacting Eric Hemphill at 

Finding Land 

Beginning Farmers assists new farmers by providing land access resources from a variety of sources.  

USDA Finding Land and Capital page 

The US Dept of Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer website assists farmers with tips and tricks on everything from purchasing and financing land, to building and long-term maintenance of farms. 

American Farmland Trust Land Access Resources Page 

AFT is a nonprofit organization that specializes in land access for farmers. Their Farmland for the Next Generation: Land Access Training Curriculum, is an essential resource for farmers looking to acquire land.  

University of Missouri Farm Lease Basics 

Putting together a lease agreement that benefits both the landowner and the farmer is an important step towards a productive leaser-lessee relationship. This MU guide is a good baseline for understanding the role leases play in building a productive farm.  

Funding Land Acquisition 

FSA Loan Programs 

There are many types of governmental programs that specialize in funding land acquisition for farmers. See this USDA primer on the different funding types available.  

FSA Loan Assistance Quiz Tool 

Take this USDA quiz to see which types of farm loans you qualify for and learn next steps.  

Other Resources 

Farm Commons’ Long Term Agroforestry Lease Workbook 

Step by step guide to constructing a land lease. Farm Commons is a membership program that requires a paid membership to access their resources.  


This Kansas-based program focuses on helping seasoned farmers and new farmers find each other for the purposes of mentorship and successful transfer of productive farmland.  

Farmland Access Legal Toolkit 

The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems assists farmers in understanding different types of leasing and land ownership structures. 

Lease Builder Tool 

This USDA lease builder tool helps orient farmers and landowners to the types of questions they should be considering when constructing an agricultural lease.  

Land For Good’s Acquiring Land to Farm Guide 

This worksheet allows the famer space to think about goals in land acquisition as well as more resources on lease agreements, finances, and more.