Water Access Funding

KC Grow Grant Fund

Kansas City, MO, in partnership with KC Community Gardens, has launched a grant program to help farmers and community gardens get access to water and improve their water management practices.

The program, KC Grow, provides funding to growers in Kansas City, MO for:

  • Municipal water line tap and hydrant installation
  • Rainwater and storm water catchment systems
  • Supply lines from existing water supplies
  • Farm design/ development to maximize rain water catchment and soil management practices that improve the water holding capacity of the soil.

KC Grow Small Grants help gardeners and farmers implement their water audit recommendations. You may request a KC Grow Small Grant application after you complete a water audit. The grants fund the following:

  • rainwater and storm water catchment systems
  • municipal water line tap and hydrant installation
  • spigot meter and PVC connection
  • water pumping systems
  • drip irrigation systems

Other water access projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis if they are recommended on the water audit. Grant funds can be requested to cover 90 percent of your project. You must demonstrate the ability to pay the remaining percentage of your project cost.

Grants can fund up to 90 percent of the cost of a project.

Grants under $1,000 can be submitted at any time. These grant requests are reviewed on a bi-monthly basis.

Grants requests over $1,000 are reviewed two times per year and awarded as scheduled:

Application deadline- August 26, 2022 with grants awarded September 23, 2022.

Application deadline- December 16, 2022 with grants awarded January27, 2023.

Go to the KC Grow page for more information and request a “Water Audit” to begin the process.