Mini Grants contact:
Mark Gawron
Metro Farms and Food Systems

Mini-Grant Details

Amount available

Up to $15,000 will be distributed over the grant cycle. The maximum grant size is $3,000, with the expectation that actual grant awards may range between $500 and $3,000, depending on the project.

Cooperative proposals with more than one farmer will be considered; the funds available will be up to $3,000 per farmer. This is a one-time only award, so please seriously consider your plans for development.

Funds may be requested for:

  • Expansion costs for urban farms, such as equipment that will allow you to increase production; one-time costs associated with bringing new land into production or adding a new production system.
  • Infrastructure: Funds can be used to help with the costs of constructing a packing shed, building a greenhouse, installing a permanent irrigation system, cold storage, etc. In order for grant requests for structures such as small greenhouses to be considered, the grower must document that the structure will comply with applicable building codes.
  • Projects that will increase farmer services such as: community greenhouses, composting projects, equipment rentals, and farmer co-ops will also be eligible.
  • We may suggest a modification of your budget based on reviewer feedback. Projects that include funding from other sources are welcome.

Grant restrictions

  • Funds may be used only for projects/farms that raise food (vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat or other edible farm product) in Kansas City, MO; Jackson County, MO; Cass County, MO; Lafayette County, MO; and Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas for consumption by residents in those counties.
  • Priority will be given to growers serving low-income communities and people with limited healthy food options.
  • Funds will only be made available to projects that are not eligible for other urban agriculture grants or matching programs. If you are unsure of your best option, please contact Mark at and he can help you determine the best source of funding for your project.
  • An organization or farmer can receive only ONE grant





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