Fighting Hunger by Farming


Over 50,000 people in Kansas City have lost their jobs and thousands more have had their hours cut. Income loss is crippling people’s ability to afford enough food. National studies indicate that our country is experiencing unprecedented levels of hunger. Organizations that combat hunger are overwhelmed with the increasing need for food.

At Cultivate KC, we believe that everyone should have access to nutritious food. Now more than ever, we are embracing our role in connecting the most vulnerable parts of our community to local farms and food. Our goal is to donate the majority of fresh produce grown at Westport Commons Farms to Metro Lutheran Ministry’s food pantries and Welcome House. But we need your help.

Donate today to feed our community. Your donation would help supply up to 90,000 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to hundreds of low-income households.

Impact on Health

Not only will you be giving food to families that are going hungry, you will be investing in their health. When money is short, fresh produce is the first thing eliminated from grocery lists. Fruits and vegetables help boost our immune system, prevent chronic disease, and improve our mental health. Since COVID-19 is significantly more damaging to people with weakened immune systems and underlying conditions, the health of our community members has rarely been more important.

“Food is the foundation of health, period. No supplement, medication, exercise, meditation, or other health action works nearly as well as it does with the support of a healthy diet. Food is transformed to create us–our cells, skin, hair, eyes, muscles, blood, internal organs and even our mood, mental performance and outlook on life. Quality food then is key to the health and happiness of our community.”

-Bethany Klug, DO




Welcome House is committed to providing a high-quality, moral, and open residential program to recovering alcoholics and drug-addicted men facing the difficult transition from treatment, incarceration, and homelessness to reintegration back into society as productive citizens.

“Welcome House relies highly on donated or financially subsidized food for feeding our residents. With alcohol and substance use disorder a weakened immune system is common, and it has become more difficult to access the fresh, higher nutrient foods needed to fulfill our mission.”

Micah Haen


Metro Lutheran Ministry offers emergency food and housing assistance to homeless and needy families of all religions in Kansas City’s urban core. They also offer sustaining resources such as household budget and resume coaching.

Their food pantries are running drastically low on supply. Despite doubling the amount of food ordered from Harvesters, some of their pantries were empty a full week before their next delivery.

“We have seen our pantry services increase by triple since the beginning of the pandemic, serving an average of 300 additional households weekly than we normally would. 

-Becky Poitras