Juniper Gardens Training Farm

Juniper Gardens Training Farm is a 9-acre site just minutes from downtown Kansas City, KS and right across the river from Kansas City, MO. In partnership with Catholic Charities of NE Kansas, we co-manage the New Roots for Refugees program, helping refugees start and operate independent vegetable farms that supply healthy produce to feed Kansas City. In addition to New Roots, Juniper has 10 community gardeners, 3 program graduates leasing plots, and several staff plots.  

The program supports refugee farmers from their first year of selling produce at farmers markets through to their graduation year where they sell through farmers markets, an aggregated CSA program, and an aggregated wholesaling operation that supplies restaurants throughout the metro area.

The New Roots for Refugees program trains refugees with agricultural experience to become independent farmers right here in the Kansas City Metro.

The participating farmers receive:

  • Access to a 1/4-acre plot on the training farm, shared washstand and walk-in cooler access, as well as greenhouse bench space; plus assistance with soil preparation, farm equipment and supplies
  • Classes and demonstrations covering topics from pest control to marketing to equipment use
  • Regular 1:1 sessions with farm staff to hone in on their unique challenges and opportunities
  • Assistance with record-keeping and financial management
  • The opportunity to sell their produce wholesale to local restaurants and through the New Roots for Refugees CSA program.

The goal for farmers in the program is to learn how to successfully grow in the Kansas City region and to acquire the marketing skills and confidence to become independent small business owners. In this way we hope to foster opportunities for economic growth; create access to fresh, nutritious, and locally grown food for residents of Kansas City, and to develop good environmental stewardship.

In addition, Cultivate KC staff at Juniper Gardens Training Farm reaches out to community and neighborhood organizations, and other service and educational agencies in the area to increase awareness of the benefits of urban agriculture and to cooperate on joint projects that benefit the local residents and the environment.

More information about the New Roots for Refugees program can be found here.


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