Westport Commons Farm

Westport Commons Farm will be relocating after the 2023 season. Sustainable Development Partners Kansas City, the owners of the property, are moving forward with plans to build apartments on the farm site. We are working closely with their team to make sure that the farm is relocated to a comparable site with conditions that will limit the disruption of our services.

We have greatly enjoyed our time on this land and are extremely grateful to everyone who invested time and money in bringing this project to life and sustaining it over its five-year run. Our partnership with the development team of this site is strong, and they will provide assistance to us when the time comes to relocate existing farm assets.

The growing season has ended on this farm, and volunteer needs have decreased. For more information on volunteering, visit here. For all other inquiries, contact us here.

We will update this page as relocation plans become more clear. Thank you for loving Westport Commons Farm as much as we have!

Westport Commons Farm is an urban farm in the heart of midtown Kansas City.

In the Spring of 2018, Cultivate KC began working hard to improve the soil in the old ball field located at 39th Street and Gillham Road and transform it into an organic production farm. Today, Westport Commons Farm continues to grow into a food and farming education hub as well as a resource center for community growers. It’s a space where growers, students, businesses, and volunteers from all around the city connect with their food and with each other.

The 1.25-acre farm has welcomed thousands of people for tours and volunteer opportunities. Visitors learn the importance of soil health, eating locally, and advocating for local food in their communities. They learn to become growers themselves.

In 2022, Cultivate KC completed a capital campaign to include an outdoor learning classroom with composting area, a community greenhouse, a mobile tool library, and a walk-in cooler on the farm.


  • Grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for sale and donation to our community using diverse models of sustainable food production.
  • Increase engagement in the growing and eating of good food through educational programs for area students and families.
  • Manage a lending library of specialty tools for use by area farmers and gardeners.
  • Maintain a community greenhouse and cold storage cooler for farm and community use.
  • Be a catalyst for increased urban agriculture and improved healthy food systems in the KC metro area.


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