Ami's Mama's Fridge Pickles

5 lbs cucumbers, sliced in thin rounds
2 small or medium sized onions, sliced thin
4 cups sugar
4 cups white vinegar
4 cups water
1/2 cup salt
1 1/3 tsp turmeric
1 1/3 tsp celery seed
1 1/3 tsp mustard seed

1. Slice cucumbers and put them in glass jars.
2. Slice onions and add to jars with cucumbers.
3. Mix brine of sugar, vinegar, water, salt and spices in a separate pitcher or jar, then pour over cucumbers in jars.
4. Put lids on and place in refrigerator. Let sit for 2-3 days before eating to let the flavor soak in.
5. Pickles will keep in the refrigerator for several months. You can keep adding fresh cucumbers to the brine to refill!

Perfect on burgers, sandwiches, or for a crunchy, delicious snack!
Recipe from: Ami’s Mama

Fun facts: Cucumbers are thought to have originated over 10,000 years ago in southern Asia. They were very popular in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, whose people used them not only as food but also for their beneficial skin healing properties.

Nutritional facts: This vegetable's high water content gives it a very unique moist and cooling taste. Foods with high water content help in- crease urination and better flushing out of toxins. Adding a crunchy, cool cucumber to your salads is an especially good way to increase your fiber intake because cucumber comes naturally prepackaged with the extra fluid you need when consuming more fiber. Plus, you get the added bonus of vitamin C, silica, potassium and magnesium!

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