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Share in the simple joys of providing fresh, healthy food for all Kansas Citians with a donation to our end of the year fundraising campaign! Our new donation page makes it easy to give online or on your phone. We extend a special thank you to our 2014 Friends of Cultivate Kansas City, individuals who have donated $250 or more in the past year. Become our friend today!

Beth and Keith Alm
Judy Ancel
David Andre
Victoria Barnard
Susan Barreca
Molly and Dan Beebe
Lainey and Richard Beleutz
Libby and Bob Berkebile
Bradley Boers
Lauire Bomba and Andy Fromm
Jennifer Cawley
Thomas Clark
Christy Cubbage
Melissa Eichman
Karie Fahrenholz
Linda Falk
Kelley and Clayton Funk
Cliff Gall
Mary and Tom Garbach
Julia Gargallo and Greg Woodhams
Shonda Garrison
Gretchen Gearin
Allison and Darren Harding
Amanda and David Hassett
Jim Heeter
Linda Hezel and Richard Moore
Hannah and Brandon Hidaka
R.J. Hines
Shannon Hoffmann and Alan Johnson
Jim Horlacher
Mike Hursey
Roxanne Hutton and Mark Otterstrom
Corliss and Joseph Jacobs
Linda and Bryan Johnson
Rhonda and Chris Johnston
Julie and Lenny Jurden
Katherine Kelly
Nancy and David Kenner
Bethany and David Klug
Brenda and Dan Kumm
Susan and Jim Lammert
Cathy Lamothe
Howard Lotven
Laura Lutz
Tiffany and Greg Lynch
Jeanne Mackay
Robin and John Maiale
Kathy and Pete Malone
Amy and Scott Maurer
Sherly and Bradford Max
Candace and Charles McDowell
Patricia and Andrew McGhie
Desiree Monzine
Donald Morehouse and Kevin Chafin
Kimi Nelson
Johanna Nilsson and Brian Paul
Howie Olson
Dr. Michelle Robin
Meredith Rolla
Joann Schwarberg
Maggie Shine
Linda and Dan Siemens
Karen and Eric Steen
Michele and James Stowers
Matthew Stuppy
George Terbovich
Leigh Wagner
Nancy and Bruce Waugh
Christine and Barry Wilson
Gwen and Tim Wurst


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