Support Betty Rae's on December 12 when all sales benefit Cultivate KC.

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream

betty raes truck at juniper

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream served scoops at Cultivate KC’s inaugural Urban Grown Farm Crawl at Juniper Gardens Training Farm in 2018.

David Friesen, owner of Betty Rae’s Ice Cream, celebrates Kansas City through his support of local business, local food and local farms.

Betty Rae’s serves all the classic ice cream flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and … burnt ends?

The last flavor has fast become a KC signature thanks to the culinary genius of David Friesen, creator of Kansas City’s most popular ice cream.

For the ice cream, David starts with a neutral base and mixes in candied burnt ends from Joe’s KC and swirls in a caramel of Joe’s KC sauce.

The barbecue ice cream is not his only collaboration with other eateries. The coffee ice cream is made with espresso beans from Thou Mayest, which is also served in the shop’s coffee offerings. The shop also has a well stocked bar featuring a variety of local sodas, beers and spirits. Highlighting local flavors and makers is a priority for David who believes that local businesses should support each other.

“It benefits everyone when we are able to showcase everything this city has to offer,” he said. “There is so much great stuff being made here, and it’s a great feeling when you can help introduce people to it and maybe they go and check it out on their own.”

His appreciation for all things local extends to Cultivate KC. His introduction to the organization was in 2017 when he was asked to serve the dessert course for the Dig In! the annual farm-to-table benefit dinner. He served a sweet corn ice cream with a balsamic swirl alongside a basil honey cake with berry sauce.

“Reflecting the unique spirit of a region or locale is one of the main pillars of a great food experience,” David said. “It’s even more beautiful that it can happen anywhere, whether it be elite farm-to-table restaurants or just your everyday ice cream parlor.”

David has continued his support by generously providing ice cream at many of Cultivate KC’s events, including the inaugural Farm Crawl, where Urban Grown Tour attendees and refugee farmers ate ice cream together at Juniper Gardens Training Farm. The truck also served ice cream to visitors at our grazing event at our Westport Commons Farm.

For the past two years he has also generously donated a day of sales in December to the organization.

“Helping Cultivate KC is a way to support refugees, local food, local farmers and food access and equity,” he said. “It’s incredible the way their work addresses so many aspects of our local food system and I’m proud to give to it.”

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