Cultivate KC partners with Climate Council of Greater Kansas City

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Alicia Alferman

Cultivate KC is partnering with the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City as part of our mission to address environmental issues related to agriculture. The council was formed out of a need for concerted, collective action to address global warming.

CCGKC offers “free educational programming designed to inspire community action, and support advocacy for meaningful change at the local and regional level.”

Cultivate KC has always engaged in advocacy related to organic and sustainable agriculture. We recognize the impact farms and farmers can have on our community, our health and our environment in the decisions we make on where and how to grow food, which informs our work in support of a healthy, local and sustainable food system.

At our Westport Commons Farm, we are using cover crop to grow soil as we grow food. According to an article in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation:

“… soil scarcity will become a critical future problem for global agricultural production. With limited new lands for cultivation worldwide and a projected increase in global population to 10 billion this century, long-term agricultural sustainability is an increasing global concern… Soil management must focus on regaining a balance in (1) organic carbon (C) inputs and losses, (2) soil erosion and production, and (3) release and loss of nutrients.

“Soil does far more than just support farming and forestry. It stores C, filters water, transforms nutrients, and sustains plant and animal biodiversity by conservation of critical shrinking wildlife habitat.”

Cover crops have enormous potential to improve soil and water conservation, the study says. Cultivate KC hopes to demonstrate how care for our soil provides benefits for the farmer and the earth.

You can learn more about our efforts at our upcoming Cultivate KC events in April, where you’ll be able to meet and hear from our staff and partners:

April 6: Building Healthy Soils @ Plexpod Westport Commons
Practical knowledge of soil management is critical for farm sustainability. Presentations will cover basic soil science and farming practices that benefit soil biology, structure, and fertility

April 20: Earth Day Rally @ Mill Creek Park (with Climate Council of Greater Kansas City)
Hear speakers call out the important climate issues that are threatening us today.

April 22: Earth Day Orchard Planting @ Westport Commons Farm
Join the Cultivate KC at our Westport Commons Farm to install our orchard.

April 24: Homegrown Happy Hour @ Juniper Gardens Training Farm
Have a local beer and bite as your tour the grounds and greenhouse and meet the farmers being trained in organic and sustainable practices.