Cooperative Orders

Bulk Seed Potato Order: CLOSED

If you have any questions please email or call 913-713-9264.

Every year Cultivate KC puts together a combined order for Kansas City area growers so you can get potatoes at a bulk rate. As specified on the order form, most of the potato varieties are organically certified. The potatoes not listed as organic on the form are naturally grown, but not certified.

Orders are closed. 

The potatoes arrive in Kansas City in mid-March.

How it works:

Select the quantities of varieties that you would like to order. There is a 10-lb. minimum per variety. There is a 50-lb. minimum for TOTAL order. Review your order in the shopping cart, pay and submit. You will receive an email confirmation when you place your order.

We have adjusted the potato prices this year to include shipping and handling costs. No additional charges (except sales tax, if owed) will be added at pick up.

Sales Tax: 

  • If you are a farmer and will be selling the potatoes you grow then you must fill out the Agricultural Exemption Certificate upon pickup.
  • If you work with a non-profit, school or religious organization and hold a Tax Entity Exemption Certificate with the Kansas Department of Revenue, you must present a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate and pay for your order with a company check in order to be tax exempt. Find the list of exempt entities here.
  • If you are a gardener growing for personal consumption, you must pay Wyandotte County Sales Tax of 9.125% upon pickup.

Pick up
As soon as we know the delivery date, we will schedule ONE DAY ONLY for you to pick up your potatoes. This date usually falls in the first few weeks of March, weather pending. If you cannot attend, you must send someone to pick up your order. The pick up will be at the Juniper Gardens Training Farm (100 Richmond Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101).

Potatoes will be packaged in 50 pound bags, so if you order in smaller increments, please come prepared to sort, weigh and package your order. 

Overview of potatoes

Most varieties we are offering this year are Certified Organic potatoes from White Rock Specialties LLC. Certified Seed Potatoes (CSP) are Certified Disease Free. We are only offering CSP varieties this year. 

Additional notes

White Rock will package all bulk potatoes in 50 pound bags and as a result, we will have to aggregate our orders to 50 pound increments. We will do our best to make sure everybody gets all of their potatoes, but we may have to adjust orders to reach 50 pound increments. We will communicate with any growers that will be affected by this policy and do our best to make it work. Every year, there are some mistakes and changes, so please be flexible with us. The changes are never huge, but you may get a last minute substitute for a specific variety, or sometimes a bag is inexplicably left off the truck when they head out. We will make sure that we handle things as best as possible from our end to minimize errors.

Please note: Cultivate KC is not liable for the potatoes you receive; we offer this service as a benefit to farmers and are a facilitator of your purchase from White Rock.

Bulk Poultry Manure Order: CLOSED

If you have any questions please email or call 913-713-9264.

Every winter Cultivate Kansas City places a cooperative order of organic fertilizer in the form of pelletized chicken manure. This product is “Omri listed” for organic production. Prices this year will be $285 per ton, you can order a half-ton for $150. 

The fertilizer will show up in one-ton totes to the Juniper Farm. 

Orders are now CLOSED

For more information about the product and to confirm pickup details after your order, please email Mark Gawron or call 913-713-9264.

OMRI listed 5-3-2 9% Ca Poultry Fertilizer

Features & Benefits
  • Very high source of nitrogen
  • Contains both slow and quick release nitrogen 
  • A complete fertilizer loaded with micronutrients like Zinc, Boron, Sulfur etc.
  • Heat dried and weed free
  • No Bedding or Fillers in product
  • Very low moisture content so you are not paying for water
  • Easy to use and spread 3/16 pellet
  • Helps increase the holding capacity of soil moisture and nutrients especially in sandy soils. will help build Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Can apply as a broadcast or put “in place” when planting
Pounds of Nutrients per Ton:
  • 40 – 60 LBS OF POTASSIUM
  • 2 LBS OF ZINC 

For smaller quantities for your home or community gardens, contact our friends at Kansas City Community Gardens.

Please note: Cultivate KC is not liable for the manure you receive; we offer this service as a benefit to farmers and are a facilitator of your purchase