Join the Dripline

Dripline irrigation is a system of tubes and pipes that provide a slow, controlled, even application of water directly to individual plants. It ensures that plants have a steady supply of water for optimum growth. Dripline donors provide that same steady sustenance to our organization. Recurring gifts allow us to better plan for the future and give us room to breathe when unexpected expenses arise. 

Why join as a Dripline donor?

It’s a WIN WIN for all of us.  With recurring donations, you are making a more substantial impact that spreads across the entire year, and we get to rely on the steady flow of support that helps with any needs that sprout up. 

It’s convenient.  You set your donation amount and frequency* and know you’re supporting local farmers and food access every time the charge goes through.

It’s the coolest club in town.  You’re an active part of a community that positively shapes our food system! You get a shout-out in our annual report each year, and we send you a little surprise now and then.


Even small recurring donations make a BIG impact… think about what larger amounts could do!


*If you have questions or you’re already a Dripline member and need to update your debit/credit card or make a change to your recurring donation, please contact