May 23, 2022

Racial Equity in U.S. Agriculture – ONLINE w/in-person potluck

This is an online event with in-person potluck to follow.

Every part of the historical and current agricultural system in the U.S. is permeated by racial inequity. In order to create a more powerful and robust new generation of farmers, we need everyone on board. This requires a shift of power and big steps of creating equitable access to resources like land, training, markets, and funding.

This workshop is meant to be an introductory overview of the history and current reality of racial inequity in U.S. agriculture. The goal is to call into focus the systemic, state-sanctioned ways that have maintained this discrimination, then what work can be done about dismantling this and building a better way together.

The potluck is an invitation to share a culturally relevant dish from your heritage–maybe a long time ago in your lineage or maybe something your family grew up eating; a chance to share some connection around food, knowing that many folks have a painful history with their heritage and don’t always have spaces to share about it.

2-4pm Online presentations- Overview of the history and current reality of racial inequity

5pm In person discussion- Focusing more in on Kansas City at Sankara Farm

6.30pm Potluck– Bring a dish!

Suggested donation is $5-$10