KC Farmers’ Market June Pricing

Posted on July 10, 2024 by Alicia Alferman

Cultivate KC, in partnership with Kansas State University Research and Extension, began an 8-week summer price data collection project at Farmer’s Markets across the Kansas City Metro Area. Through K-State’s Local Food Fellows Program, Cultivate KC hosted Sophia Ong, a local food fellow and student at K-State, to complete this project. Throughout June, and to continue throughout July, Sophia visited 19 farmers markets in the KC area and connected with vendors, explaining the project to them and collecting data on the prices of their produce, meat, and eggs in that week. 

She visited each market every 2 weeks to create price reports for June. In these reports, she recorded the highest, lowest, and the average price of each item across the markets surveyed. The reports also note the number of markets that sold this item and the number of overall vendors selling each item as well.  

 The goal of this project is to provide a rounded view of prices at Farmers Markets across the KC area to serve as an aid for farmers in how they go about pricing, both among the sellers in their market, as well as for pricing produce as the summer season progresses. The report below for June overviews Farmers Markets across the KC area. A report on July will follow at the end of the month.  

Written by Sophia Ong, K-State Local Food Fellow