Lenexa Farmers’ Market

Jenny Doty

Recreation Supervisor, City of Lenexa

How long has the market been operating?
We are in our second season.

How long have you worked with this market?
The whole time.

How would you describe this market compared to others?
We only allow locally grown, raised and made products at our market. Everything you find at the market is from within 250 miles of the market for the entire season. We have some of the friendliest farmers and vendors around who are always happy to talk to you about their products.

Why was this market started?
Having a farmers market was high on residents needs when we did a recreational amenities survey. We were able to include the market design into the overall design of our civic campus that includes the Lenexa Rec Center, Lenexa City Hall, Lenexa Public Market, Johnson County Library and Park University.

What makes this market unique?
All the products must be from 250 miles from the market and that it is located in the civic campus where people can visit the library, do a workout at the Rec Center and then visit the farmers market all in one stop. The market is also located within the parking garage so when it is raining, customers can go from their home garage to parking garage never getting wet. The Lenexa market is the perfect place to gather with others in your community. There are places to play with a friend and grab a cup of coffee and catch up with a neighbor.  

How many people attend this market?
On average more than a thousand attendees a week.

How many farmers vend at this market?
23 amazing farmers

Other fun vendors here?
14 vendor that sell some great products. Salsa Mama, Three Bear Bakery, Yummylicious Cookie Company, Mindfully Made, Rock the House Bakery and Ronnie D’s Cheesecakes are just a few.

Why should people shop at farmers markets?
Farmers markets directly support those growing, raising and producing your food. You get the best possible products at their peak freshness. By keeping your dollars local it further stimulates the economy because the vendors reinvest their dollars locally to support their families. Customers are better able to understand how their food is grown and created when it comes directly from the vendor.

Why should farmers sell at farmers markets?
Farmers have an opportunity to connect with their end consumer that has a passion for delicious food.  They are able to see how their hard work impacts people’s lives.

Why don’t more people come to markets?
Some people are uncomfortable with the social aspect of the market of interacting with the farmers.  Others just don’t know that they exist or are not able to get to them at the times they are open.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I love market days being able to interact with all of our amazingly hardworking vendors and then our wonderful customers that support them.

Lenexa Farmers Market


May 28 to August 27: 9am to 1 pm

April 27 to October 26: 8 am to noon