Terms & Conditions

Cultivate KC Tool Library Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only members of the tool library and people working with you in your farm or garden may use the tools you check out. Please do not loan tools to other farms, gardens, or members.
  2. Members agree that if any tool breaks or becomes unsafe, the borrower will immediately stop using the tool and return it to the tool library. Please contact us immediately if a tool isn’t working properly.
  3. WAIVER: By borrowing tools from Cultivate KC’s Urban Agriculture Tool Library the borrower agrees that Cultivate KC is not responsible for any manufacturing defects found in any borrowed tools. The borrower also agrees that Cultivate KC is not responsible if the borrower or any member of their farm or family becomes hurt or injured by using any of the borrowed tools.
  4. LOAN PERIOD: Loan periods are 7 days for all tools. The borrower agrees to return any borrowed item on or before the due date unless they request renewal (borrowers are limited to one renewal per rental period). If the tool is not returned, the member may be charged for the replacement value of the tool.
  5. RESERVATIONS: We require borrowers to reserve tools online in advance of pickup to ensure availability.
  6. TOOL CARE: Tools should be returned clean and in working condition, ready for the next person to use. We acknowledge that accidents may happen, and a tool can break. In the event that a tool breaks, we ask that you communicate any issues regarding a tool immediately to Cultivate KC staff and return all parts of the affected tool to the tool library. Please respect the tools and store them safely and properly until their return date.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Cultivate KC reserves the right to refuse the loan of any item for failure to comply with any of the above rules and regulations or for falsification of any information. Staff may also, at their discretion, deny access to a particular tool based on the borrower’s inability to handle, transport, or operate the tool safely.