Urban Ag Counts! Survey

Posted on March 4, 2024 by Alicia Alferman

As we strive to provide better advocacy on behalf of our urban growers, Cultivate KC is excited to introduce a new initiative, Urban Ag Counts! This short survey will help us better understand details about growers in the KC metro.  

Your role is easy: we’ll ask simple questions regarding your farm location, size, growing practices, products, and markets. You complete the survey, and we’ll do the rest.  

We’re sure you have some questions before getting started. Allow us to answer a few: 

Who should fill it out? 
While we certainly support all who grow food in our metro, Urban Ag Counts! is most focused on farm businesses and community or non-profit farms.  

How long will it take? 
Set aside around 5-10 minutes for the survey. Our principle when constructing the survey was to stick to information that might be top of mind for farmers, not something they have to dig through files to figure out. 

Seriously, how long?  
5-10 minutes. Pinky swear.  

How will Cultivate KC use this information? 
Throughout our work, we communicate with policymakers, city employees, and community leaders to increase and strengthen urban agriculture in our community. This data will allow us and many partners to better communicate your needs to these leaders. The results will be more funding and clearer policies, all catering to the betterment of your farm and our regional food system. 

Who will have access to the data?  
All the information will be aggregated and shared as data for the whole KC metro area. Your individual information will not be shared, unless you give permission to be added to a map of urban farms. Once our first round of data collection is complete, the summaries will be published and shared later this spring. We intend to update records annually, to keep a count of urban farms in KC.  

Who are your partners? 
KC Black Urban Growers and KC Healthy Kids provided input on the survey questions. We invite you to join as a partner in helping spread the word and making sure every urban farm gets counted. If you would like to collaborate, contact eric@cultivatekc.org. 

Anything else you should know? 
Urban Ag Counts! focuses on basic demographic and farm info. However, we’d love your input on trainings, workshops, field days, and other educational opportunities in which you have an interest. There is a question towards the end that asks if you’d like to complete a secondary survey focused on these topics. Please select yes to give your input on future Cultivate KC programming. 

Ready to get going? 
That part is also easy: Click the button to complete the survey!


Have questions? Contact Eric Hemphill at eric@cultivatekc.org 

Thanks so much for helping us continue our commitment to assisting urban growers of all shapes and sizes. You keep growing great food, and we’ll keep driving home the message that urban ag counts!