2021 Dig In! Dinner Basket Event

Posted on September 27, 2021 by Alicia Alferman

Last Sunday was our 2021 Dig In! dinner basket event and WOW- what a night!

To the farmers that grew the food, the generous chefs, everyone who supplied items for the baskets and raffle, all of our hardworking volunteers and staff, our sponsors, the folks who donated time and money, purchased a basket (or three!) and bought raffle tickets – THANK YOU! We couldn’t be more pleased with this event. It was an amazing celebration of our food system in action, and we raised almost $55,000 in support of local food, local farms and Cultivate KC!

Even if you missed the event, please enjoy the homegrown hijinx in our online program. It has a little bit of everything: sports, game shows, people in costumes and awesome information about the impact of Cultivate KC’s work.

See the full list of raffle prize winners HERE!