Another Bulk Seed Potato Order In the Books

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Alicia Alferman


One of the ways Cultivate KC improves our local food system is by working hard with farmers to infuse it with an abundance of fresh, locally-grown produce. Every year, through our Metro Farms & Food Systems Program, we place bulk cooperative orders of fertilizer, onion plants, strawberry plugs and seed potatoes, so that area farmers and gardeners can enjoy the price breaks afforded to larger scale growers.

We just wrapped up this spring’s delivery, sorting, and distribution of seed potatoes! We’ve been placing this order for over 10 years, and this year 59 farmers ordered around 6,400 pounds. According to estimates, that means about 64,000 lbs of delicious potatoes will be headed to plates in KC later this summer! Yum.

Even sweet baby Milo lent a helping hand- and we know he’s excited he’ll be big enough to taste them after harvest!