Bulk Supply Orders for Farmers

Posted on September 22, 2022 by Alicia Alferman

Bulk orders may not be as flashy as our farm-to-table fundraising dinner, or as new and shiny as structures going up at Westport Commons Farm, but it’s a service area growers have come to rely on.

Ami Freeberg, Metro Farms & Food Program Manager, does the quiet day-to-day work of helping Kansas City area farmers grow their businesses. She offers technical assistance, works cooperatively with farmers and other organizations coordinating workshops and projects, and places bulk farm supply orders, allowing area growers access to quantity discounts they couldn’t obtain alone.

Juniper Gardens crew after unloading strawberry plants.

Ami recently placed a cooperative order for strawberry plugs, which included 26 growers purchasing 12,400 strawberry plugs. She also organized an order of bulk silage tarps that included 13 farmers ordering 39 large tarps. Silage tarps can be a valuable tool for managing weeds without harmful herbicides and improving soil health.

Everyone pitched in to unload the (heavy!) tarps.

Coming up soon are seed potato and fertilizer orders for next growing season. Look for those orders to open towards the end of October or early November.