Local Food Challenge – Fight Hunger by Eating Local!

Posted on June 17, 2020 by Alicia Alferman

What, how can I do that?” you may ask.  “I love my local food, but how can I help people in need at the same time?!” 

It is a new online event that we think is going to be fun for you, good for farmers, and that will raise money to feed people in need! For every meal you eat during Local Food Challenge week, you will be raising funds to help another person, another family eat local, healthy food as well!   

 It’s like a Walk-a-Thon, only with local food. 

 During the week-long challenge, eat as many meals using local ingredients as you can. Every meal (or drink!) prepared using local ingredients or purchased from a restaurant that sources locally counts towards a goal that you set.   

 Where does the fundraising come in?  Like a Walk-A-Thon, you reach out to friends and family to donate to your efforts. Your supporters can make a pledge per locally sourced meal or a one-time donation.  

It is a Win-Win-Win approach!   

  1. MmmmYou eat really good local food and beverages. 
  2. Your dollars go to local businesses that grow food, prepare food bought from local farmers, or, if you are eating from your own garden, you are adding extra value to all that hard work! 
  3. For every dollar you raise, you are putting $1 of local produce on the plates of someone struggling to buy the food they need.  You eat well.  They eat well. 

 Join with us in this inaugural year!  Click here to take the Challenge!