Volunteers brave the cold on MLK Service Day

Posted on January 21, 2019 by Alicia Alferman

When we planned the volunteer activity for MLK Service Day at Westport Commons, we held out hope that the forecast would be accurate enough and that temperatures would be at least above freezing.

We had good interest with more than two dozen volunteers signing up to come out and rake the leaf piles on the Westport Commons Farm field. Some were worried about the freezing cold the weekend prior. Still, the forecast through the weekend showed a respite from the freezing temps.

The morning of, however, thermometers citywide held tight in the mid 20s, way below freezing. Reluctant ourselves to be out there, but knowing the work needed to be done, we showed up at the farms ready to assure volunteers they need not stay to work.

Amazingly not only did our volunteers come but they stayed! Together we completed the task of breaking down the mounds of dried leaves, spreading them across the field. We also shoveled woodchips atop the paths between plots.

The leaves will provide cover, warmth and weed mitigation for the soil through the winter and ensure the soil remains strong for planting in spring. It’s all a part of our effort in converting the former playing field into a food-production site.

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