Wassailing at WCF

Posted on February 8, 2022 by Alicia Alferman

Farmer Daniel Robinson led our staff in a Wassail at our little orchard at Westport Commons Farm in January, based on a Winter Wassailing Party in a Peck kit from the Giving Grove.

Wassailing is a celebratory tradition that usually occurs between Jan. 6th and 17th, and consists of singing, good wishes and toasts, much like the modern tradition of Christmas caroling. The ceremony is held to ask the spirits of the apple trees to provide a bountiful harvest and to ward off negative influences with boisterous, joyful noise. This year will be the third season for our little orchard- the perfect year to bless our trees hopes of our first harvest.

We took the liberty of winging our ceremony with a few Plexpod and Giving Grove friends. We had warm spiced cider, sang a song, made noise and a few toasts. Thanks, Giving Grove, for the inspiration and kit. This is a tradition we need to continue!