Food Access Program Update

Posted on October 5, 2021 by Alicia Alferman

Cultivate KC’s Food Access Programs help seniors and SNAP users get more bang for their bucks!

In 2021, Cultivate KC has distributed Double Up Food Bucks tokens to 2,512 individuals to use at participating farmers market and about $91,400 has been redeemed. This program allows SNAP users to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers.

Also, 181 seniors benefited from our Market Match program which doubles the value of state-issued food purchasing vouchers that can be redeemed at farmers markets as well.

This summer, more than 550 SNAP users also received reusable tote bags with pantry staples and recipe cards from Cultivate KC and Whole Foods Market. This co-led effort was part of the retailer’s Nourishing Our Neighborhoods program which supports community-based efforts to remove barriers that make it difficult for people to access food in their communities. The bags were offered as an incentive to SNAP users to encourage them to redeem benefits at farmers markets, where they were distributed, and provided them with the added ingredients and recipe to create a great meal.