Supporter Spotlight – Dr. Bridget McCandless & Nate Taylor

Posted on July 12, 2021 by Alicia Alferman

Nate Taylor on the right with his arm around his mom, Bridget McCandless, posing for a photo with a view of the city from a high elevation

Our supporter spotlight this month is on Dr. Bridget McCandless and her son, Nate Taylor. Dr. McCandless is the former president and CEO of the Health Forward Foundation which focuses on leadership, advocacy and provision of resources to eliminate barriers and promote quality health for uninsured and underserved residents in the Greater Kansas City area.

Prior to joining the foundation, she served as a founder and Medical Director of the Shared Care Free Clinic for over 14 years.

Her support of Cultivate Kansas City stems from her work with chronic illnesses and marginalized populations in her community.

“The work that Cultivate Kansas City does directly impacts those interest areas for me.” As a former board member of the Health Forward Foundation before stepping into the role leading the organization, she has watched Cultivate Kansas City flourish and expand its reach into our community.

Nate Taylor is a senior at Rockhurst High School. As a senior, each student chooses an organization to do a service project in their last semester of schooling. In May, Taylor was among a cohort of Rockhurst students who dedicated three weeks of service at Cultivate KC’s Westport Commons Farm. Nate chose Cultivate KC because, “I wanted to do something meaningful and see the direct impact of the work I was doing.” Being outdoors was a perk he also really appreciated.

When asked what vegetable they would be and why, Dr. McCandless says, “I’d be a Kohlrabi because they are low key, unexpected, but delightful.

Nate responded, “I’d be a cucumber because of how they taste. That’s all I have to say about that.”

On spring and summer weekends, you can find her buying produce at the Independence Uptown Farmers Market or The City Market.

Thank you McCandless (aka McTaylor) family for your continued support!


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